6" x 11" x 21" high
with Base
Wt. 29 lbs.
1/1  Original

$2,500    SOLD

Artist's Comments:
During the five years that I lived in the Sonoran Desert, I developed a fascination toward the Turkey Vulture. As ugly as they are on the ground, they are pure poetry in the skies and will out-soar even the eagles. In the last area that I lived in Tucson, I used to run in the early mornings. My route would take me under a grove of very tall trees. There would typically be 15 to 20 Turkey Vultures roost in those particular trees every night. In the mornings, they would wait there until the temperature was right to catch the thermals and begin another day of soaring. As I ran through their domain, there would be 15 to 20 pair of eyes staring down at me. I've never quite forgot the sensation, and it is that feeling I've tried to capture in this piece entitled "Waiting."