The Artist as Time Traveler

Bronze / Mixed-Media
13¼ wide x 20" high x 5" deep
1/1  Original


Artist's Comments:
Artists are, in essence, time travelers. They have the freedom to travel (through their art) anywhere they desire, both forward or back in time. That option can be "personalized" through the use of a "self portrait" in their work. The bronze is me inside the ancient Greek helmet.
Items of Interest:
The bronze arrowhead in the piece is ancient Greek, and is estimated to be over 2000 years old. The "reset device" was found in a box of military surplus items. The invoice to the government was still attached, listing it only as "Gear Assembly 2050849." Other than to admire it as a beautiful example of the machinist's art, no one (to my knowledge) has been able to identify its intended purpose. The amount on the invoice that was charged to the government was $26,000! I choose to believe its function is that of a reset device for any location or period in time! This is a "hands-on" piece, so that the viewer can exercise their imagination as well.